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What are your major service segments?

Claypot offers system integration and implementation services across a comprehensive range of Building Management Solutions. Our solutions portfolio features SIP Integration, Safety and Security Systems, Custom Automation, Energy Management, Lighting Control, Climate Control and ICT.

Another key service area of Claypot is designing, building and operating of Fibre Optic Networks. Our principal clients are residential developers and builders who seek to integrate FTTH and wireless technologies within Multiple Dwelling Units and Master Planned Communities.

What credentials support Claypot’s claim of being a technology pioneer?

 Since our inception in 2003, we have invested heavily in research and development. In 2006 we developed Fotomile, a revolutionary, all-in-one SIP phone, a pioneering product in its niche.

In 2011, Claypot developed Communo, a suite of applications providing numerous utilities to a community, which was deployed entirely through FTTH. It was the first time in India that applications such as SIP Telephony, Video-Door-Phone and Access Control Solutions were being integrated over Fibre Optic Networks.

Today Claypot is the only company in India that provides a single-window solution for all three layers of an FTTH deployment –the passive infrastructure layer, the active network layer and the services layer. Our extensive experience in IBMS helps us with the distinctive sets of capabilities that are required– to handle the requirements of network planning and deployment as well as the service provisioning.

What are Claypot’s Fibre-based solutions, in a nutshell?

 Claypot is equipped to deploy and maintain the complete spectrum of technologies based on Optical Fibre.

This includes:

  • Assessment of the opportunities of Fibre, Small Cell, and Wi-Fi solutions for your project.
  • Mobile Backhaul deployment based on Fibre.
  • Network design, testing, civil works, installation and commissioning of the FTTH network.
  • Integrating the full portfolio of Building Management Services onto the FTTH network.

 Why Fibre?

FTTH is a breakthrough technology that is equipped to meet all the communication needs of the foreseeable future of humanity. A bundle of fibre not thicker than a pencil can carry all of the world’s current communication traffic. Only FTTH can deliver enough bandwidth, reliably and at a low enough cost, to meet the consumer demands for decades to come. In all global technological markets, FTTH is unanimously acknowledged as the only architecture capable of delivering both the revenue and service packages demanded by operator and end users alike.

Why Claypot?

Designing, building and operating FTTH networks is a technically complex undertaking which requires a unified and versatile toolbox. However, the lack of fully integrated solutions that address the multiple layers of FTTH deployment often results in costly and lengthy deployment cycles.

As one of the pioneers of FTTH in India, Claypot has developed a comprehensive solution to support FTTH network lifecycle management, by leveraging our rich experience of more than a decade in the services integrated onto an FTTH network. Today, Claypot includes SIP Automation, Intelligent Building Management Systems and Safety and Security Services as part of our FTTH package, as well as several Value Added Services, executing our projects in a holistic and cost-effective manner.

Needless to say, opting for such turnkey, end-to-end FTTH solutions results in immense business benefits for builders and developers.

I would like to install an FTTH network in my upcoming residential/commercial project. Where can I learn more about this?

 Please call us for a free consultation.

What is Claypot’s inspiration?

 Technology inspires us. Nothing excites us more than delivering tomorrow’s technology this instant. We anticipate being at the forefront of exponentially expanding markets, taking our rightful place at the epicentre of technological innovation.

We find our work so gratifying in itself that we are happy to help you with every tool at our disposal –technical expertise, industry insights, futuristic know-how– even if you might not need to hire our services. Please feel free to contact us.