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Addressing an Urgent Need

Designing, building and operating FTTH networks is a technically complex undertaking which requires a unified and versatile toolbox. However, the lack of fully integrated solutions that address the multiple layers of FTTH deployment often results in costly and lengthy deployment cycles. This is often the direct result of different departments or organisations operating in isolation of one another.

To provide functional integration across a network by bringing together the three layers of an FTTH deployment –the passive infrastructure layer, the active network layer and the services layer– two distinctive sets of capabilities are required: to handle the requirements of network planning as well as service provisioning. These capabilities must not only co-exist but work together in an intelligent, integrated manner.

It is in recognition of this that Airtel and Claypot have developed a comprehensive solution to support FTTH network lifecycle management, by combining the unique capabilities of each company. Claypot has the rich experience of more than a decade as an expert provider of the services integrated onto an FTTH network –such as Safety and Security solutions, Surveillance, IPCCTV, SIP Telephony etc. When we combine forces with Airtel, a colossal presence in the Fibre and Mobility sectors, the business benefits that result for our customers is immense.

Which is why this new strategic partnership –one of the earliest of its kind in the industry- is extremely valuable for the nascent FTTH sector in India. And the urgent need of the hour.