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Backhaul Solutions

Mobile backhaul can be defined as the connection between cell sites and the controller site (2G/3G) or mobile gateways (Wi-Fi, LTE). To get from the cell site to the controller or gateway site, mobile backhaul traffic will traverse a variety of access, aggregation and transport infrastructure.

In order to meet the explosive growth in bandwidth consumption, fibre is increasingly becoming the backhaul technology of choice the world over. Optical networks, including PON for mobile backhaul, provide low latency and high bandwidth for wireless backhaul applications. The use of fibre in mobile backhaul faces exponential growth as the wireless carriers start rolling out 4G.

Claypot’s Mobile Backhaul Solutions offer a seamless and consistent backhaul deployment in fibre, to significantly reduce OPEX while optimising network performance and reliability. Due to their nearly unlimited transmission capacity, fibre solutions also allow sharing of the FTTX infrastructure, which can considerably bring down the overall Total Cost of Ownership.

Our solutions are designed to provide streamlined backhaul for both Small Cells and Macro Cells as part of the infrastructure for Heterogeneous Mobile Networks. We assure you the flexibility, manageability, and operational simplicity required to deliver a truly future-proof network.

Our solutions are typically highly scalable- which means they are fully equipped to meet any new profitable mobile data services that might be introduced in the future.