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A Heterogeneous Network, called ‘HetNet ’, is a mix of radio technologies and cell types, such as macro cells, pico cells, femto cells and Wi-Fi, all working together seamlessly in order to offer an efficient mosaic of wireless coverage and capacity.

As demand for more and faster mobile data challenges existing infrastructure, HetNets are seen as the only way forward. While no single technology can handle the exponentially growing data traffic, multiple systems, multiple frequencies, and multiple technologies creating a comprehensive, liquid network is seen as the only solution.

The move toward HetNets is driven by a combination of market forces, increasing capacity crunch and new technologies which makes it possible to add Small Cells to complement macro networks. A HetNet with integrated Wi-Fi, advanced traffic management and high-performance backhaul will help to deliver a consistent and high-quality user experience, while lowering the per-bit cost of transporting traffic.

 Claypot can help you:
  • Create a strategy by selecting the solutions suitable for your HetNet, with special attention to your specific high-activity hot-spots.
  • Integrate these multiple technologies onto your network by finding the right balance to maximise their collective benefits.
  • Help optimise all the advantages of HetNets, such as increased capacity, spectral efficiency, performance and cost efficiency by working simultaneously on multiple dimensions of your network.

Claypot’s end-to-end portfolio of products and services include site acquisition, supply, project management and full turnkey implementation of HetNets. Our solutions integrate Small Cell and backhaul design, and includes macro, in-building, and Wi-Fi solutions in order to ensure for your project a tailor-made, high-quality, spot-free coverage.