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Our Solution at a Glance

What it is

 A unified backhaul solution designed to meet the needs of residential developers and builders seeking to integrate FTTH and wireless technologies within Multiple Dwelling Units and Master Planned Communities.


Assessment of the opportunities of Fibre, Small Cell, and Wi-Fi solutions for your project, and combining these technologies to achieve optimal business case outcome and Return on Investment.

Complete network design, testing, civil works, installation and commissioning of the FTTH network. The process includes:

Site identification and acquisition

  • Survey of the existing infrastructure and preparing technical reports
  • Process optimisation; cost optimisation
  • Deployment of the solution with a dedicated team
  • Maintenance and servicing of the FTTH infrastructure

Designing, building, operating and maintaining Small Cells and Wi-Fi networks.

Integrating the services layer onto the FTTH network. Incorporating:

  • Integrated Video Management Systems
  • Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems
  • Smart Physical Access Control
  • Intelligent Evacuation Systems
  • Sip Telecommunication
  • Content Management Services
  • M2M Solutions

And much more.