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What Are Smart Cities Built With?

Smart Homes, Smart Communities, Smart Grids and Smart Cities all go together to become building blocks of each other, contributing to a Smart Evolution Cycle. But what do they all have in common?

The answer is Fibre.

A Smart City is like a living organism that adapts to changing conditions at lightning speed. Only optical fibre has the reliability, speed, predictability and the scalable capacity to form its nervous system– to link together various elements and disseminate information at the speed of light.

Smart Cities are only smart because:

  • They have a telecom infrastructure which links several sub-systems and human beings
  • Inputs are centralised to optimise energy use
  • Bottlenecks are eased at moments of busiest traffic and peak loads
  • Individual devices are integrated with citywide, multi-service communications
  • Important information is transported in real-time between systems and individuals
  • They meet the needs of Wi-Fi and mobile networks with superlative efficiency, speed, quality and exceptional coverage

Be it telemedicine, telecommuting, distance education, virtual tourism or advanced business applications, the data connection in a Smart Community will need to be secure, super-fast and robust. In a truly Smart scenario, there can be only one choice for such a dependable and high-performing network– Fibre.

As one of the pioneers of FTTH in India, Claypot is fully equipped to deploy and maintain the complete spectrum of these transformational technologies based on fibre.