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Wi-Fi is a crucial complementary technology to LTE and Small Cells in a Heterogeneous Network (HetNet). Wi-Fi has become the connection of choice for many users, which in turn demands a robust, reliable and high-capacity wireless connectivity inside high-traffic locations and buildings.

Building a good Wi-Fi network and a careful management of Wi-Fi access points is increasingly crucial in a Smart Community, as it is expected that the future capacity demand will increasingly surface in “Zones” or “Clusters” –which can only effectively be served by smart Wi-Fi solutions.


For your project, Claypot can:

  • Help pinpoint precise locations that will be best-served by Wi-Fi in your premises, and provide you with solutions that best leverage the Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • Prepare a customised roadmap for a long-term and multi-step strategy to increase capacity per square kilometre in the high-traffic areas in your project. This involves considering what the Wi-Fi position in the HetNet is, and the integration of Wi-Fi and LTE Small Cells within the cellular core to maximise capacity while reducing CapEx and OpEx.
  • Deploy and maintain end-to-end HetNets composed of Wi-Fi Access Points, LTE Small Cells, DAS and backhaul across multiple layers.