Our Solution at a Glance
What it is

A unified backhaul solution designed to meet the needs of residential developers and builders seeking to integrate FTTH and wireless technologies within Multiple Dwelling Units and Master Planned Communities.

  • Assessment of the opportunities of Fibre, Small Cell, and Wi-Fi solutions for your project, and combining these technologies to achieve optimal business case outcome and Return on Investment.
  • A seamless and consistent Mobile Backhaul deployment optimised for the transport of any service, using a variety of networking topologies.
  • Complete network design, testing, civil works, installation and commissioning of the FTTH network. The process includes:
    • Site identification and acquisition
    • Survey of the existing infrastructure and preparing technical reports
    • Process optimisation; cost optimisation
    • Deployment of the solution with a dedicated team
    • Maintenance and servicing of the FTTH infrastructure
    • Designing, building, operating and maintaining Small Cells and Wi-Fi networks.
    • Integrating the services layer onto the FTTH network. Incorporating:
    • Integrated Video Management Systems
    • Intelligent Fire Alarm Systems
    • Smart Physical Access Control
    • Intelligent Evacuation Systems
    • Sip Telecommunication
    • Content Management Services
    • M2M Solutions

And much more.