SIP Telecommunication
Soft SIP Phones

GenX Fotomile is a SIP Phone with audio and video support a user-friendly and intuitive interface. GenX Fotomile features:

Available for Windows, Android and iPhone

GenX Fotomile is available in 3 versions:

  • Windows
  • Android
  • iPhone

Although each platform requires its own version, the same GenX Fotomile look and feel is maintained making it easy for users to switch between versions.

Intuitive Interface

The GenX Fotomile interface is based on popular Smartphone interfaces and this makes it instantly familiar and intuitive.

Remote Extensions are Easy with the GenX

GenX Fotomile can easily be configured as a remote extension, allowing users away from the office to easily connect to the corporate phone system.

Environmentally Friendly

Software SIP phones are installed on an existing PC or laptop and therefore save on electricity.

Other Features:

  • Lightweight and fast
  • Ability to transfer calls or put them on hold
  • Multi-line (Windows)
  • Supports multiple SIP profiles
  • Shows personal call log/history
  • Supports & adheres to the SIP RFC standards
  • Supports H.263 and H.264 video codecs
  • Support G.711 (A-Law and u-Law), GSM and Speex codecs
  • STUN support for NAT/firewall traversal
  • Installation provided as MSI for easy deployment (Windows)
  • Works seamlessly as a SIP phone with Fotomile SIP server, replacing a traditional proprietary phone system.