Public Address Solutions

As an authorised distributor and official partner of Tyco, the global leader in Fire Safety and Security Solutions, Claypot’s Public Address portfolio focuses on solutions from Tyco. Our systems feature audio visual technology which supports safe, timely and compliant evacuation procedures.

Integrated sustainable solutions

In addition to a scalable and future-proof technology, we provide tailored service and maintenance packages to ensure the reliable operation of your Evacuation Systems. We develop our solutions to meet the needs of any company, building or critical infrastructure.


 Our Product Portfolio

 Public Address Systems

Public Address systems are especially important in the case of emergency to avoid panic and provide clear instructions. This could be in the form of an announcement, background music or an event presentation. We provide scalable solutions with optimal acoustic quality to suit any requirements.

Emergency Lighting and Exit Control

Visual marking and lighting of escape routes provide additional guidance toward an exit in emergency situations. Having efficient Emergency Lighting – whether in a high rise, hotel or hospital – supports timely, safe and compliant evacuation procedures. This is especially valuable in the event of smoke or a loss of electricity to safely point out planned escape routes.

Professional Conference and Congress Systems

Tyco provides the technical basis for targeted communication at events such as conferences or gatherings in large auditoriums, historic buildings, stadiums or multi-purpose halls. This can range from identification and registration of delegates for electronic voting to simultaneous translation. With the Tyco Digital Congress Network, we guarantee high quality voice and data transmission across a wireless communication platform.

You Benefit From:

  • Optimal, effective acoustics
  • Clear instructions in an emergency situation
  • Customisation and expansion of facilities for all building sizes
  • Timely alerts and intervention through targeted solutions
  • Flexible integration and scalable options