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The Advantages of Small Cells
The Perfect Complement.

Small Cells are the ideal supplement to a macro network. Offering full compatibility with macro cells, Small Cells can be used to provide a second layer of coverage in 3G and LTE networks, resulting in higher throughput and data rates for the enduser, while improving performance at the cell’s edge. As a specific, targeted investment, they can deliver immediate benefits.

Reduced Costs.

It is financially prohibitive to build macro cells to service all demands. Small Cells avoid the need for cumbersome and expensive new base stations, offering a cost-effective solution to plug the gap between data demand and capacity. Small Cell stations use less energy than macro cells too.

Plug All Holes.

Small Cells are the ideal solution to fill voids in coverage or capacity with the wireless carriers’ macro networks. They cover all the blind spots by allowing additional access points to be placed in public areas such as shopping malls, business districts etc.

Superlative Efficiency.

With the cell site so much closer to the user, system efficiency is much higher. A better, faster user experience is delivered from a lower-power, lower-cost site.

Higher Discretion.

Small Cells have a far smaller physical footprint, allowing them to be easily hidden from view. They are discreet, and require only limited infrastructure to be installed at a property.

Last Mile Solution.

Small Cells are an ideal solution for last-mile backhaul. Small Cells can connect buildings and many outdoor locations, providing the ‘last mile extensions’ that are often needed for near-line-of-sight (NLoS) Solutions.


A holistic Small Cell strategy ought to address both the short-term challenges, such as saving in Total Cost of Ownership, as well as the long term ones– such as effectively monetising the network by exploring new revenue streams. To this end, Claypot offers you not only a full portfolio of Small Cell products and services but integrated services related to them, such as integrating WiFi, router, GPON and other technologies which deliver the best mix of capabilities for the highest Return On Investment.