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Our Smart Solutions Portfolio

Our Solutions for Smart Communities feature:

Design Solutions

  • Conceptualising a roadmap for the entire project with innovative, connected, and customised solutions.
  • Developing strategies for long-term growth, energy-efficiency, minimal management burdens and cost savings.
  • Designing holistic, end-to-end ICT infrastructure.
  • Providing comprehensive blueprint for a Smart Community, involving the full spectrum of services for physical infrastructure, integrated services as well as smart lifestyle solutions.

System Integration

  • Bridging the distance between developer, architect, planner and engineer by providing a Single Window Solution for Smart Integrated Infrastructure.
  • Deploying state-of-the-art Mobile Backhaul based on Fibre.
  • Installing high-speed broadband network infrastructure involving Wi-Fi networks and Small Cells.
  • Integrating multiple systems across various ICT channels to deliver turnkey communications solutions.
  • Integrating Intelligent Building Management Solutions including Custom Automation, Fire Safety, Security, Smart Appliances, Lighting, Climate and Ambience Control etc.

Operational Optimisation

  • Optimising performance across multiple infrastructure systems to deliver greatest possible value.
  • Managing the monetary investment wisely by integrating all services into an overarching framework that results in the lowest CAPEX and OPEX.
  • Ensuring the highest ROI for developers and builders, delivering enhanced value per square foot.
  • Real-time remote monitoring and control of entire portfolios of buildings, ensuring matchless building performance and significant energy and cost savings.
  • Meeting sustainability goals. Reducing water waste and carbon emissions through smart meters and sensors.
  • Maintenance and servicing of the FTTH infrastructure for optimal performance.