Claypot is the First-Ever Company in India Which Successfully:

  •  Deployed SIP Telephony over an FTTH network
  •  Provided Android-based Community Applications on FTTH
  •  Facilitated Access Control Solutions on FTTH

When Hiranandani Upscale, one of the finest master-planned communities in Chennai, decided in 2011 to deliver high-speed fibre access to the residents, they zeroed in on Claypot Technologies as the team sufficiently ambitious and tech-savvy to be able to pull it off – namely, integrate multiple utilities and services onto the brand new fibre optic network, with the aim of providing maximum possible value to the end user.

Communo, a suite of applications based on an android OS was the result. It was developed in close collaboration with Adobe Systems Inc. and Samsung Mobile. The Communo suite included numerous applications for services such as SIP Telephony, Video-door-phone, news and many other utility tools for the resident, which could all be controlled by a central content management system installed on the community premises.

Communo was made accessible to the end-user in three forms: on an android tablet, on the Communo portal, and through a mobile app.

Communo enabled, among others, the following:

  1. Complaint registration and feedback
  2. Payment history and flat booking details
  3. Car security (Integrated with RFID-based car security system.)
  4. News and classifieds
  5. Listing of departmental stores, pharmacies and service centres around the community
  6. School section: Attendance, teacher remarks, bulletin board and notices regarding the user’s child. (Required integration with the school database.)
  7. Listing of hospitals and emergency numbers
  8. Listing of food deliveries and other restaurants around community
  9. Games
  10. Advertisement opportunities for local vendors, shopkeepers and businesses

All of this was done entirely through a Fibre Optic Network- a revolutionary step for the then-nascent FTTH technology in India.