Our FTTH Portfolio

Areas of Expertise

  • Planning and Design of FTTx Networks
  • Construction and Deployment of FTTx Networks
  • Installation and Configuration of Routers, ONT’s And OLT’s
  • End-to-end System integration
  • Seamless Integration of Services like Wireless Solutions, Surveillance and Security Solutions and Smart Home Services over FTTH Networks
  • Commissioning of Installed/Constructed Networks
  • Operation and Maintenance of Networks
  • Construction, Deployment and Maintenance of Mobile Networks

FTTH Services and Applications

  • VoIP
  • RF Video
  • Fire Alarm
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance and Security
  • Smart Automation
  • Broadband Internet
  • IBMS
  • M2M Solutions
  • Internet of Things
  • Smart Grid and Smart Home Solutions
  • Community Services
  • Content Management Services


Equipped by our extensive experience in FTTx architectures, we offer a complete portfolio of state-of-the-art FTTx products including PON, or active electronics, as well as end-to-end passive infrastructure.

Fibre Optic Cables

  • Blown cables
  • Loose Tube cables
  • MicroCore Cable
  • Aerial Drop Cable
  • Flat-Span Drop Cable
  • FTTx Optimised Cable
  • Outdoor / Indoor Cable
  • Fibre-in-a-Box

Microducts and Multiducts

  • Protected Microducts (Direct-buried, dielectric or metallic moisture barrier)
  • Microduct for installation in existing pipes
  • Indoor Microducts
  • Protected Microducts (Aerial)
  • Duct Joints and Other Duct Equipment
  • Multiduct Accessories

Fibre Apparatus

  • Fibre Distribution Hubs – Indoor, Outdoor and Underground
  • Sealed Fibre Closures
  • Splitter Modules
  • Fibre Closure Termination Adapters
  • Fibre Optical Slicing and Distribution Enclosure
  • Fibre Demarcation Box
  • Patch and Splice Panels
  • Fibre Termination Patch Panels
  • Customer Premise Termination Patch Panels
  • Fibre Access Terminals
  • Fibre Termination Box
  • Fibre Optic Converter

Optical Connectivity

  • Optical Splitter Shelf
  • Rack-mounted Products
  • Wideband Couplers
  • Planar Couplers
  • FTTP Coupler Module
  • Coupler Modules

FTTx Electronics


PON Systems
  • Gigabit PON
  • Gigabit Ethernet PON
  • Ethernet Concentrator
  • Indoor Gateway
  • Ethernet Switching Products
  • SFP Modules
  • Bandwidth Management Products