Unique Features of Claypot’s FTTH Solution
End-To-End Portfolio.

We provide comprehensive services starting from the design stage to the completed system solution, resulting in seamless integration in turnkey FTTH systems. These services will provide developers and builders with a single source for both defining and implementing the value created by FTTH.

Vertically Integrated Model.

Our solution encompasses both the active and passive elements of the design. This means that all three layers of a network – passive, active and retail services – will be under the control of a single authority, and therefore entirely accountable.

Low Cost of Ownership.

The solution is designed to optimise costs at every stage. Tight processes and systems integration enable lower initial capital expenses (CapEx) as well as lower operational expenses (OpEx) for deployment and maintenance.

Broad Scope of Operations.

 It is not just FTTH- we are a one-stop-solution for all your network connectivity needs too. In fact, we offer an entire ecosystem of solutions centred on a mobile backhaul. It encompasses expertise in Fibre, Mobility, Small Cell, HETNET and Wi-Fi technologies, offering a mosaic of wireless coverage and capacity in extremely versatile zones- be they outdoor environments, public venues, office buildings, residential units or underground areas.  When combined properly, these seemingly divergent technologies can produce dramatic increase in network efficiency while significantly reducing operational expenditures. Not to mention offer optimal ROI.

Scalability and Flexibility.

The solution offers scalable bandwidth up to multiple Gbps. Capacity can be added as and when needed, using solutions that optimise bandwidth and coverage.

Proven and Deployed Solution.

We are currently in the process of designing, building and operating many large turnkey fibre projects, sharpening our expertise every minute. All that experience is at your disposal.

Special VAS.

We concentrate on applications that allow us to add value- with special product features, customer-specific innovations and other unique services.

Melds Easily with the Project Landscape:

Our backhaul solutions for fibre as well as outdoor small cell networks are designed with the environmental as well as aesthetic impact in mind. They are rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing, and can be deployed easily and unobtrusively.

We Take Responsibility.

The customising, detailing and execution of an FTTH project can be formidable– but we take complete responsibility for it. From site preparation to the eventual maintenance of the network, all steps will be planned, built and commissioned by our team with our own expertise and resources.